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Who am I?

Um, who are you?

You're a "rockstar", "ninja" or "guru" in your own field. Maybe a small business owner, freelancer, coach or consultant. You're great at what you do, and you're ready to get the word out, spread the news, shout it from the rooftops! You're ready to make an impression with an awesome, bespoke website to wow your clients.

But you're not a web developer, are you? And that's the problem. Because websites are hard, aren't they? I mean, there's all that confusion over what platform to use, what it should look like, what you should say. And then there's actually doing it. Which is no easy task.

And me? I'm Al: South African, freelance web developer, coach, husband, dad, dog lover, barefoot runner, home brewer. Not necessarily in that order.

A few years ago I decided to "follow my passion" and start a "lifestyle business". And that's not as easy as the big names all over the internet would have you believe. In the early stages of this process I had to set up my first website, and I had no idea what I was doing.

So I studied. And studied. And studied.

I took some good courses. I took some bad courses. I even finished some of them. After a while I had cobbled together enough knowledge to make my site just the way I wanted it. And by the time I had done that, I realised I didn't want that "passion project" - but I had found a love for web development. And a business opportunity where I could actually help people by doing what I love. So I kept learning, developing, honing my craft.

If you're not interested in spending days, weeks or months endlessly streaming how-to videos, figuring out which CMS is best for your particular project, and wrestling with platform and security updates: DON'T.

You take care of your business, let me take care of your website.

Al Clunnie

Work with me

Here's what you need to know:

You've got this far, so you're either ready to get started or need a little more info to help you decide. Maybe you've tried (and failed?) to DIY your website and ended up more stressed than you thought was possible - not to mention suffering from the dreaded "website-shame".

Fear not, future RockStar.

I can't work with everybody; you're ready if:

You want your website to be as awesome as you are.
You want to step out of the shadows and into the spotlight.
You understand that cheap (or free) can turn out to be a lot more expensive in the long run.
You have realistic expectations of what "quick" means.
You know where your strengths lie - running your business - html, CSS and JavaScript are not them.
You are focused on the long-term. This isn't about you and your business right now, this is about the future.

A typical package includes the following. Don't worry - if you need more, we can discuss that and come up with a package that suits your needs.

A planning / consultation call over Skype to iron out a lot of the details and make sure we're both on the same page.
A custom-built html website just for you, or a custom-modified WordPress website depending on your needs.
1-month of email support just in case you run into any snags.
Mailchimp integration if you have a newsletter.

Ready to get started? Here's what to expect:

First, you'll fill out the "Work with me" form because you just can't wait any longer. I'll receive your form, look over it and get back to you with any followup questions. Then I'll send over a contract, forms and invoice.
Next we'll arrange a time to talk over all the details on Skype and I'll begin sketching out some ideas in my head to wow you on our call.
After our call I'll get on with the task at hand and create a sample for you to look over and give me feedback on.
Once we've agreed on everything I'll lock myself away in a darkened room and code up your custom website.

It usually takes around 4 weeks from start to finish. I only schedule a small number of client projects at any time, so I can give your project the attention it deserves. The timeline also depends on how responsive you can be to any requests for feedback or further information I will need. The speedier you are, the speedier I can be. I'll be able to give you a better estimate after you fill out the "Work with me" form.

You pay me in 2 instalments: 50% up front and 50% before putting the site live
(or within 30 days of the first payment - whichever comes first).

I accept PayPal (and whatever credit cards they accept if you don't have a PayPal account) in US Dollars. If you're in the UK you can pay the invoice directly online (payments secured through Stripe).

A lot of people I work with think they need a blog built on WordPress - but most of them actually don't.
So the majority of the sites I build are 100% hand-crafted code . That means I'll use things like HTML, CSS and JavaScript to make a site like this one you're reading now. I use Bootstrap as a framework because I like it and it makes it possible to create sites that looks great on all devices from smartphones to desktops.

However, sometimes a WordPress site is exactly what my clients need. In that case I'll use the ridiculously well respected and customisable Genesis Framework, and spice it up with some additional HTML and CSS, and the occasional plugin.

In that case I'd seriously recommend that you find a membership or e-commerce specialist.

That's not my bag, and I won't half-arse a project just for the short-term income.

If it's just an extra feature here or there, we can discuss that and I can come up with a custom quote for you.

That's a great question! I'm glad you asked!

The package outlined above ranges between $300 - $500 USD (inclusive of everything mentioned).

There may be some additional costs for you to take into account: domain name registration isn't included, and neither is hosting. A domain name can be as little as $10 USD per year (up to thousands and thousands if the name is in demand) and hosting can be had for a few dollars a month, with most decent packages around $10 USD a month. Other than that, if you need stock photos, custom plugins or other incidentals there will likely be a cost involved - I will notify you in advance of any additional costs.

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I have the most awesome clients ever, and they say really nice things about me.

Working with Al was a real pleasure - he was able to guide me through what I needed and what I didn't need in a really understandable way and I'm super-happy with the result!

Tracey Minutolo

I didn't really know where to start with setting up my website, but with Al everything just seemed "easy". Highly recommended!

Steve Barnett

Getting a website up and running was something that I had been putting off for a long time because it all seemed so daunting. Al really helped and my website was ready much quicker than I was expecting.

Bec Hopkins

I'm ready for the form now!

Not ready to hire me? Contact me instead.


I've been lucky enough to be featured on some cool websites and podcasts:

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Are you looking for "more"?

After the experience I've had of trying (and failing) to set up a "lifestyle business", and then successfully launching my freelance web development business, I found myself constantly drawn into conversations with people just like you and me. People who don't want to live the rest of their lives doing the same old things, day after day.

I work with people who want to level-up their lives, start a freelance business, run a marathon, or just experience "more".

At the moment I'm not taking on any 1:1 coaching clients, but you can contact me to find out more and to be notified when I am.