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Email is the king of internet marketing
That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.

Did you know that over 100 trillion emails are sent every year?

Or that some people check their email up to 20 times per day? Something like 55% of people check their email FIRST thing in the morning - before checking social media, news or any other app.

And across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the average engagement rate is a paltry 0.6% whereas the average open rate for commercial emails is over 20% with between 3% and 4% click-through rate.

If anyone ever tells you that email is dead, and hails the dawn of a new platform - surely an email-killer - you have my permission to laugh out loud at them.


Email is hard.

You’ve got to set up all the tech to make it work.

You’ve got to get the subscribers onto your list.

And you’ve got to come up with the content to actually send them.

Never mind trying to figure out the best subject lines to boost open rates, and the super-important Call-to-Action.

Where do you even start?

Most likely, you just start tomorrow, right?

Even though you know that tomorrow never comes.

And every day that goes by you’re missing opportunities to be front and centre in the minds of the people that are crying out for you to solve their problem with your product or service.

But ok, you’ll do it tomorrow…

This is where I come in…

Hi, I’m Al.

Al Clunnie

I write emails, for small businesses, freelancers and side hustlers, because I believe that email, done right, beats any other form of internet marketing hands down.

In a fight, email takes on all challengers and comes out on top every time, with one arm tied behind its back.


  • You could get 5 regular emails to send to your subscribers

  • Or maybe you need an automation to welcome subscribers to your list

  • Or perhaps a 5-day product launch campaign

You could even mix and match - whatever you need!

If you already have an email list - big or small - I’ll handle the content to boost open and click-through rates, convert subscribers into customers, and ultimately drive more sales.

  • For just £247 a month get an email to send to your list every week

  • Or for £597 a year get one email every month - I’ll even throw in an extra one at Christmas

Email automation is the key to building trust with your subscribers, nurturing them, and converting those warm leads into sales - ethically.

  • Welcome email sequence - usually +/- 7 emails per sequence depending on your business - this is the subscriber’s indoctrination into your list so it needs to hook’em right from the start. We'll tell them a story over the course of a week to build that “know, like & trust” right from the beginning, and keep them wanting more - £299

  • Abandoned cart sequence - don’t miss out on sales slipping by - snatch victory from the jaws of defeat with a followup email to your customers with items left in their shopping cart that haven't checked out - £99

Also - lead magnets / bribes, signup blurbs and CTAs, sales pages and more... what do you need?

No list yet? No worries!

  • Set up simple, easy-to-use email system, basic landing page / signup form, 1x welcome email automation, 1-hour video call walk through - £99

  • Add on any package above and get the setup for £49 instead of £99

Email me TODAY to take your email marketing to the next level.

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